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Back from the smoke.

Breakfast in Horseguards, followed by inspecting the guards..

And then to the IEA organised commemoration of the life of Ralph Harris:
Lots of famous faces;
And then out on the town with some sound minded anarchists..more when the hangover subsides...


How was her "Iron"ship?

That's one hell of a hangover you have there Mr E

Ralf Harris, "If it's free, put me down for two please".

Horse Guards, not to worry about Harry. Reports of politicians suffering from exhaustion trying to find someone to surrender to will keep all you British boys home and safe. More time for parades, more money for the dole - - -

Can you look in a mirror?

Tim.......you there?
Blimey That Is Some Hangover!!
Did you have to walk home in those lovely boot?

I think that Mr E's been grounded.

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