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Peripheral Vision

Cameron vows to tighten up border controls | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Plans for a new 10,000-strong army of specially trained border police – to be funded in part by scrapping Tony Blair's £20 billion national identity card scheme – will be announced by David Cameron today.

The Tory leader wants dedicated officers, under central command, posted at every major port and entry point around the British coast in the battle to keep out terrorists, drug dealers and illegal immigrants....

Last night Liam Byrne, the Home Office minister, said Mr Cameron's decision to scrap identity cards showed that he had no real interest in placing national security first.

The immigration minister said the Tory leader's proposal to ditch ID cards would leave the country "defenceless against illegal immigration"

A double helping of bollocks first thing on a Monday morning - bollocks that ID cards are going to stop illegal immigration and bollocks to Dave because there is the elephant in the room stamping on our borders who is the love that dare not speak its name of yours, two letters, beginning with E and ending with U....


A card made of plastic is not an
ideal tool or weapon against the
onslaught of illegal immigrants,
weapons, or drugs.
If one man can create it, another
can copy it.

Sounds like a "super-police" who will take their orders from far away, slowly usurping the powers of regular police agencies.

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