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The cost of council votes

Council tax rises to beat inflation for a tenth year-News-Politics-TimesOnline

Households are facing another inflation-busting rise in council tax this April for the tenth successive year since Labour took office.

A Times survey of more than 200 authorities shows that the average bill is set to rise by at least 3.8 per cent to £1,315, up £47 from last year. The figures mean that council tax will have risen by more than 90 per cent since Tony Blair came to power in 1997, with annual bills jumping from £688 to £1,315.

The lowest rises are in the 238 districts that face elections in May, weeks before Gordon Brown is expected to take over as Prime Minister.

Funny how lower taxes and forthcoming elections are linked isn't it? Expect double mulcting next year to pay for it. Of course if you didn't pay tax you couldn't vote then we might see an even better result...


Had an aunt who owned a very nice cottage in
Middlewoodford, a squatters cottage.
Might be an idea to bring forward and
utilize once again.

Move to Hammersmith & Fulham. A 3.7% reduction in Council Tax! err but I am moving out to Wiltshire so how does that work?

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