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Taking the law into our own hands

Via Ranting Stan

Mail online - Peter Hitchens

I object strongly to the expression 'taking the law into your own hands'. The law is ours and we made it for ourselves, to protect us and govern us, as a free people. Our freedom to defend ourselves against criminal violence is part of our general freedom to live our lives lawfully. We hire the police to help us enforce the law, not to tell us that we cannot do so. Sadly, the modern British law is not our law, but an elite law, based on ideas which most of us do not share. And the modern police are the elite's police, not ours, which is one of the reasons why they have vanished from the streets, where we want them to be. The disarming of the people, and the cancellation of all their rights to defend themselves, are bad signs.

Spot on.


Not bad, for a Commie.

I prefer my take, though: "We're not taking the law into our own hands; we're taking it BACK into our hands, after the people to whom we entrusted its care had proved to be completely bloody useless."

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