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Concrete them over - Part 6

With the Press, the HSE and unions beginning an orgy of investigations into how much more money they can spend on the railways to prevent another death it is important to remember that railways are a nineteeneth centurary answer to a medieval problem (bad roads) - they are an anachronism that needs to be scrapped. As Transport Watch UK - Road/rail comparisons across the UK puts it:

Road/rail comparisons - Summary findings

Very much against public and political sentiment roads managed to avoid congestion would offer 3 to 4 times the capacity to move freight and people at one quarter the cost of rail while using 20% to 25% less energy and reducing casualty costs suffered by rail passengers by a factor of 2.


What a load of rot.

Everyone knows that mainframes are always better than networked PCs, trains always beat roads,central planning beats the market and people are unitary blocks of flesh and not built out of little spinny atomy thingies.

Distributed processing - tchah, I say.

Not only must we abandon roads but the trains must be centrally planned and much bigger. Why should there be many trains a day from one city to another? One huge bloody train a year carrying everything.

And the trains must me manned by selfless, unionized, civil servants, not private enterprise free people motivated by greed and an unholy lust for profit. Let our rail services become a mausoleum of planning and largeness. Is mausoleum the right word?

Had an uncle who worked on the trains, raised
a family of four children at near poverty
levels until he finally got promoted after
they were all grown and gone off.
There was once a competent train system, that was
great for logistics and commuting. 75% of my
family never owned nor operated a private car
while this was so.
Communism and commies can piss off.

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