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Stalinist Property Theft in the Tory Shires

The Kennet District Local Plan

2.51 The latest housing needs survey in 2001
demonstrates that there continues to be a
demand for affordable housing throughout
the District. It is therefore legitimate to seek
an element of affordable housing on
allocated housing sites throughout the
district in accordance with Guidance within
Circular 6/98....

2.53 The Affordable Housing Policy Guide, will
address the process for the provision of low
cost market houses. PPG3 introduces clear
guidance on the need for Local Plans to
address the need for low cost market
housing within its area. House prices in
rural Wiltshire (ie excluding Swindon) have
increased on average by around 18%
between summer 2002 and summer 2003.
On average across rural Wiltshire the cost
of a terraced house in Summer 2003 was
£133,339. Average gross weekly earnings
in Kennet in 2002 were approximately £400,
clearly less than can support a mortgage for
a £133,339 house. This gap between house
prices and wages in the District is clear
evidence of need for low cost market
housing as even looking at this coarse level
of data it is quite clear that local people will
find it difficult to take the first step onto the
housing ladder....

2.54 Critical to all the policies on affordable
housing is the evidence of local housing

2.55 As stated in para 2.03, one of the
fundamental objectives for the sustainable
provision of new housing is to ensure there
is a mix of house types and tenure within a
scheme to promote better integration. Too
often once an element of affordable housing
has been negotiated the site is developed

2.56 The Rural White Paper published
November 2000 states in relation to the
provision of affordable housing 'in
settlements of 3000 or less no thresholds
apply'. Effectively this means that in villages
where there is a clear need for affordable
housing the local authority can seek a
proportion of affordable housing even on
the smallest site. The White Paper supports
the view that in villages, where there is
evidence of local need, every new general
market house should be matched with an
affordable home. Policy HC32, below,
seeks to achieve this on all sites that come
forward in villages...

Policy HC32
The Local Planning Authority will seek to
negotiate the equivalent provision of
general market and affordable homes
on all proposed housing sites in the
villages subject to evidence of local
housing need supporting this level of
provision and individual site
characteristics. Planning permission will
not be granted if the size and type of
individual affordable houses proposed
in accordance with this Policy do not
reflect local needs.
The Local Planning Authority will need
to be satisfied that the housing provided
under this policy will always be available
for defined local needs, both initially and
on subsequent change of occupant. In
the case of 'subsidised' affordable
housing this should be through the
involvement of a Registered Social
Landlord, village trust or similar body
and secured by the use of planning
conditions or obligations.

Well there you have it, if you want to build yourself a house in a village in Kennet, you have to build one for the state as well, and basically give it away. (The "housing needs" surveys mainly consist of sending round a circular asking if anyone local" wants a cheap house, and if so how big.) You will notice the need for the housing to be "integrated", in other words it is requirement that the housing is mixed so rich bastards who can afford their own homes have to live next door to the down-trodden poor so they can all "integrate". The socialists have won, they realised they couldn't be voted in so they took over the apparatus of the state instead.

And I will remind you that Kennet is a solid Tory council, with only one Labour member....


My mother has a largish garden and wants to build a single house in it. The local authority (West Wilts) have told her that in order to receive planning permission she must either give them the house (!) or pay them £25,000 towards another house. This payment in local authority speak is called a Commuted Payment... bribe or extortion is probably more accurate.

As a builder I,m looking to start new projects in europe and united states....no surprises why!

That is seriously messed-up Gubb'mint entitlement belief-system they operate, no eminent domain! Bring boiling oil to the windows and cannon to the door!

We have gone so far down the road of an omnipotent state, I can't really see what can be done. It's not just the UK, the buggers are at it all over Europe. Sadly, the other EU states are beginning to implement the EU diktats with almost as much zeal as the gold-plating British civil servants. America is no better and Australia has a case of the nannies too. So what country is free? Where can we go to escape tyranny?

There is no place left that's not regulated out
the @$$, including the Artic and Antartic.
If you could get rid of the soil, you might dig
downwards for an underground floor.
Or as one nabob is doing, dug a hole in the ground
over in Wales, calling it his hobbit hole.
I guess if one started digging hobbit holes, with one going to the government that would be a fair exchange.
It's obvious the majority of building private
residences will come to a halt, and you'll see
the same ugly piles of shi'te going up that
litters the ex-USSR landscape.

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