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NHS - Don't be ill this financial year

Full scale of NHS cutbacks revealed | Uk News | News | Telegraph

The survey, published in today's Health Service Journal, shows that 73 per cent of primary care trusts, which run GP clinics and health centres, are already restricting access to treatments. Half are also delaying operations.

Seven out of 10 chief executives said "patient care will suffer"

And the worst part of it is that there is a very real risk of innocent radio listeners being subjected to Patricia Hewitt's smarmy condescending voice as she "responds" to the the NHS meltdown.


It doesn't pay to be sick.
Remember the days of the military
hospitals? Given the choice and
opportunity it was the place to go.
You're most likely as good to go by
using a witch doctor these days.
Not a nice thing, being stuck between
a rock and hard place.

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