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The Pipes, the Pipes are calling...

Hearing experts confirmed yesterday what anybody who has ever stood too close to a bagpipe band has long suspected: the noise they make is louder than a jet aircraft taking off.

The Wick Royal British Legion Scotland Pipe Band will issue all its members with earplugs after the music at one of its practice sessions was recorded at 122 decibels — two decibels louder than a private jet. (The Times)

Any chance of some ear mufflers for any poor passers-by as well?


louder but not as musical.... Who was it who defined a gentleman as 'someone who could play the pipes but didn't' ?

The Pipes, The Pipes.
The Pipes made me deaf.
*Lurches Off*

Well, it was the swift and violent application of Jock, bayonet AND bagpipe that won us an empire.

Ah, quiet down, a little ringing in the ears never hurt anyone.

What's that you say?...

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