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Road pricing in black and white.

Road pricing: the plan

Britain will be divided into a patchwork of road-pricing zones where drivers will be charged varying rates, under a government plan to make them pay by the mile without tracking them on every road.

Ministers believe that a zonal system would protect drivers’ privacy and deter them from rat-running in residential areas to avoid high charges on main roads. All roads in each zone would be charged at the same rate, regardless of how congested they were.

So even at this early stage of this pie (or Galileo) in the sky scheme they are abandoning any idea it is about congestion! But why not combine it with the other lead story today?

Town loses prison jobs for being 'too white' | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Scores of public sector workers are being relocated from a town because its residents are "too white and British", it has been claimed.

The Prison Service has decided to move 80 administrative staff next month from the predominantly white Corby, Northants, to Leicester, a city with a more ethnically diverse workforce.

Yes, set up the road pricing zones according to how "white and British" the area is! I can hear it now...Stephen Ladyman, the Roads Minister, gave details of how the system would work in an attempt to address concerns raised by the 1.8 million drivers who signed a petition against road pricing.

Speaking to The Times, he said their main concern appeared to be that road pricing would allow the Government to track every driver’s movements through a satellite positioning device in each car. He said that tracking could be avoided by abandoning the idea of having a complex charging system in which the price varied from street to street. “We could have charging by zones instead of by streets. The multicultural heart of a hip and groovy city would be Zone 1, the area just outside it would be Zone 2, further out in the suburbs would be Zone 3 and rural areas would be Zone 4. Those white bastards on their tractors would have to pay £10 to even look at the road, It's asphalt, it's black, it's proud, get them whiteys off it.


So even at this early stage of this pie (or Galileo) in the sky scheme they are abandoning any idea it is about congestion!
Please don't pretend to be surprised.

Would Labour marginals have lower road prices than Tory safe seats?

Every driver in UK "to be tracked by MI5 agents" http://ollysonions.blogspot.com/2007/03/every-driver-in-uk-to-be-tracked-by-mi5.html

So does this mean that driving north up the M1 out of London in the morning rush hour will be charged at the same rate as driving south down the M1 into London at the same time?

And vice versa in the afternoon rush hour?


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