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Olympics to be like the Dome disaster, just bigger and more wasteful?

Government warned of Olympics 'disaster' | Special Reports | Guardian Unlimited Politics

The man who rescued the Dome today warned the 2012 London Olympics risked being a "complete and utter disaster".

....the London Olympics could be remembered for being "an enormous waste of money", he warned.

The Tory peer told the Lords during a debate on the economic and social benefits of the Olympics that a recent report on the Dome which he and his team wrote and submitted to the government was published last month.

However four key sections and recommendations were either "watered down or eliminated".

Lord James of Blackheath, a corporate troubleshooter, told the House of Lords yesterday that a catalogue of errors led to the loss of tens of millions of pounds at the Dome.

“There would have been a saving of tens of millions without the interference of the Government,” ..

Lord James said that big business, including McDonald’s, BT and British Airways, had run rings round the Government when negotiating sponsorship deals for the Dome. The Dome organisers had negotiated flawed contracts with major sponsors and had ended up receiving a fraction of the money they expected.

“McDonald’s were certainly coming in with a big budget,” he said. “But nobody realised until July the following year that the budget McDonald’s were going to send the Dome: a £3.5 million bill for building their restaurant on the Dome site. It made rather a big hole in the sponsorship.

“Similarly, British Airways and BT both insisted on providing their own staff and then deducted the entire payroll of the staff they had to man the zones at the Dome from the value of the sponsorship they were giving. So there was absolutely no cash value left for the Government as a result of it.
Lord James said that the Dome nearly ran out of money several times and contractors were ineffective. He was furious at the Government’s insistence on doing everything itself because it believed this would be a cheaper approach.

“The obstacle race which Government imposes on the sensible contracting out of essential services — Government believes it can do anything cheaper than anyone else and Government is emphatically wrong.”

Also sourced from The Times

Oh Yes, the Olympics are going to make the Dome look like a mere pimple on the face of Government incompetence, we must be mad.


The Olympics, since they got serious about how much it is really going to cost, seem to be increasing in cost by about £1bn per month. At this rate the whole shebang is going to cost upwards of £70bn. Whilst I don't think it will go that high I think around £40bn will be wrested from the pockets of the poorest 95% to enhance the wealth of the richest 5% as a result of this monumental folly

The Olympics are like a modern-day visit from His Beggardly Eminence - it's a tax where the Duke and his entourage come toHouseholder who cannot refuse them.

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