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Mary Ann Sieghart on David Miliband

A history lesson for Miliband:
Mary Ann Sieghart

...if Mr Brown were to lose the next election for Labour, Mr Miliband’s best hope would be Leader of the Opposition — and Labour could be out of power for the rest of his political life.

Miliband is only 41, does Mary Ann think Labour will be in the wilderness for twenty years and so he must run for Leader now? Certainly she seems to be a fan...

My guess is that a large phalanx of MPs, including senior Cabinet ministers, will beg Mr Miliband to run. Yesterday he gave a presentation to Cabinet on climate change, and according to one of his colleagues, “He was brilliant. He grasped all the complexities, didn’t lecture us and had a great lightness of touch. He was amazing, I have to say.”

David, I think you have scored!


Seems he's scored with Mary Ann and one of his colleagues, could be a menage a trois in the offing (I've made myself feel sick and I don't even know the third paty).

Judging by the unscientific and superficial nonsense on his blog, I think there is more chance of platting snot than the boy Milliband grasping the complexities of climate change.

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