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You say Silicon, I say Silicone, let's call the whole thing off

BBC NEWS | UK | Silicone found in faulty petrol

Trading standards officers have confirmed silicone has been found in petrol taken from the tank of a car affected by allegedly faulty fuel.

Silicon found in 'rogue' petrol - News - Manchester Evening News

A 'CONTAMINATED' fuel scare which has affected thousands of motorists may have been caused by silicon....

Dr Pike warned that silicon could be easily confused with silicone, a substance used as a lubricant or sealant in engineering.

Hundreds of other news reports out there with Silicon and Silicone used interchangeably.

Remember only the Main Stream Media has the professional fact checking in place that stops it making silly mistakes like what bloggers and wikipedias do...

UPDATE 18:47: BBC story now changed to Silicon ....

UPDTE 20:00 - BBC story changed again, now "Supermarket cuts unleaded sales" - isn't all this secret editing against the Bloggerheads Rules of Teh Internet?


The Guardian said it was ethanol so at least the victims were saving the planet:

Yeah, if silicon had got into their engines, they'd have had their chips.

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