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No more Just William and the Outlaws

Nurseries are opening the gender gap by failing to let boys be boys-News-UK-Education-TimesOnline

Nurseries are stifling the ability of small boys to learn by forcing them to stay indoors and sit still for too long in class, according to a report today on preschool education....Experts have long maintained that boys would be far better served by having more male teachers who understand the way they work. Instead, the achievement gap begins at preschool age and tends to grow wider throughout full-time education, with 59 per cent of first-class and upper-second degrees going to women.

At Westfield Farm, in Lincolnshire, Hannah Dring has recognised that boys learn far better when they are outside looking at tractors than when inside painting.

“Boys don’t want to sit down, so when they’re outside — as they are most days — they’re learning but don’t realise it. They’re counting the wheels and lights on the tractors. If we go on nature walks, they’ll collect leaves and learn about shapes and colours, as well as trees.”

I really pity boys at school, every "male" behaviour is now seen as "unnatural" to the girly run education system, it is "high level" autism, ADD or ADHD, dyspraxia or "failure to institutionalise" or whatever new label they can come up with. The poor kids are drugged to the eyeballs with ritalin the rich ones given therapy. Of course no man dares to become a primary school teacher unless he is happy to be pointed out as kiddy fiddler these days. I believe a wise man once wrote an essay on the dangers to society of Pussification, we know the problem, and the solution is not to trap young boys in unsuitable schools at an early age.


When the male child of a female single parent, cosseted and insulated from the wider community, driven to and collected from primary school each day, can develop to the age of 11 never having encountered a single male adult role model, you know there's something dreadfully wrong with our nation.

Whilst some undoubtedly become 'pussies', others, particularly from minority communities, become ungovernable, ineducable and unemployable. Both groups have never learned to evaluate risk, never learned to socialise and above all never learned to accept male authority.

There is no short term solution. It will take at least a generation to work this iniquity out of our society.

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