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Update on Buster Martin

Kim points me to another story about Buster Martin, the 100 year old who still works everyday and provided the cow Mary Ann Sieghart with such hilarity:

Dear Mr Martin, please toe the line
Mary Ann Sieghart

A short news item made me laugh this week. Buster Martin, a 100-year-old man, has sought private treatment after being told that he would have to wait up to three months for an NHS operation on an ingrowing toenail.

I dealt with that in the linked post but whilst she was giggling at an old man's pain in that caring sophisticated way of hers he was leaving the Fox on the Hill pub in Denmark Hill at 10:30 pm when three youths pounced on him from behind.

Despite their best efforts to subdue him, the Second World War veteran launched a counterattack and sent them running empty-handed.

He said: "They obviously thought I would be an easy touch because I'm old. But they soon found out I'm still a good fighter.

"They just jumped on me and caught me unexpected. But they didn't realise how fast I would turn around on them.

"I was confused and I was lashing out at them. How the helI I found the strength I don't know. I think it came from my temper. I don't lose it often but when I do it's not a pretty sight."

Their blows sent him crashing to the floor but he managed to spring back up and defend himself:

"I hit one in the groin and I kicked another one. The foot I used had been operated on a week before for an in-growing toenail. They must have done a good job on it because it worked bloody well."

The muggers eventually gave up and ran off leaving their victim with cuts to his head and bruised ribs.

Now that is more like it...


Who's willing to bet there were at least several senior coppers and other state control types whose palms are just itching to arrest Buster for taking the our law into his own hands and infringing the muggers' human rights?

Too bad Buster didn't kick the shit out of that journo bitch while he was about it...

Ooooh there I go, being Crool & Hartless again.

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