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Tim Ireland - "A Safer World Without America"

Bloggerheads - the weblog of Tim Ireland (aka Manic) has noticed the 18 Doughty Street advert "A World Without America" and asks:

.."wouldn't a world without America be a world without the world's largest arms manufacturer and dealer? Wouldn't that be a safer world? Or does 18 Doughty Street see no connection between guns and people being shot by guns?"

My answers: Yes I think so - I can't find the China production figures, No and that is just a pathetic Strawman argument. Your answers may differ....


And the weapons of choice for terrorists, revolutionaries, militias, death squads etc etc.

Are NOT American.

They are of Russian design.

I get lost with all these 'What if' discussions. One never knows what will happen. Hell, Iraq should show you that it is difficult to predict what will happen.

And as far as the world biggest, somebody has to be, if it was not the US it would be the next one and so on. Do we really want to work our way down until Iran is the wolds largest superpower.

And isn't it funny that we always want to tailor things to meet our wants. Take the US, there are lots of good things about it, there are lots of bad, but we really think that we can remove the bad without changing anything else. We screw everything up.

Well, we know what a world without British arms was called. It was called WWII. It was called the Americans sending firearms so the gunless Brits could defend themselves.

It was called lend lease. And the sorry bastards couldn't even return the guns. Many were destroyed.

Well, we know what the world without British arms was called. It was called a country about to be over run by the nazis until the evil Americans sent over weapons through lend lease. It was individual Americans sending small arms to the Brits.

To the Brits:

You are welcome. Now don't forget America's sacrifices for you while you bash us.

Now friends and neighbors, do NOT go all "Ugly American" here. Sure, lend-lease played a role in helping England defend herself, and I think it was rather poor form dumping all those guns American citizens donated into the sea, but it was the Enfield rifle in the hands of the Tommy, and the RAF that stopped Hitler from invading. That was a damn fine bit fighting, and the Brits are right proud of it, and deservedly so. Let's not throw dirt on their "Finest Hour" shall we?

Am I the only one that thinks that society is safer with MORE guns instead of FEWER?

I know I'm a gun hording evil american, but come on, you really gunna mug the guy with a .45 on his hip?

Speaking as a conservative American, I would never dishonor our British parents, save mentioning that kicking their Royalist asses outta here launched the greatest successful experiment in individual freedom yet extant.

However, I will say that it's unconscionable that our forebears would allow their ruling political class to disarm them. Those fine Enfield rifles should be gracing the mantles and gun cabinets of every Brit in country, and the British gov't should go stick its collective (pun!) head up it's bum.

Ask me again, and I'll tell you how I REALLY feel...

What would the world be like without America?

1/3 German
1/3 Japanese
1/3 Soviet

100% Totalitarian Socialist

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