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Cash for honours: The end game

THE Sunday Times can reveal details of the alleged plot that Tony Blair’s inner circle hatched to subvert the police inquiry into the cash for honours scandal.

Sources have revealed that Lord Levy, Tony Blair’s chief fundraiser, allegedly asked the prime minister’s most senior advisers to lie to police by telling detectives he had no involvement in the honours system.

A written record of the discussion reveals his suggestion was overruled by Ruth Turner, a senior No 10 aide, who drew up what she believed was a more “credible” strategy.

She allegedly said they should claim Levy was asked for “advice” and “character references” about potential peers. Police believe this might also be misleading because his input was far more significant.

It also emerged this weekend that:

- Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair’s chief of staff, was present at a meeting last summer when the alleged cover-up was discussed. He will be reinterviewed under caution shortly;

- Detectives have recently obtained a new document that is said to be “as damaging” as the Turner memo outlining the “cover-up” strategy;

- The government is set to disband key watchdogs, including the Committee on Standards in Public Life and the House of Lords Appointments Commission, that helped bring the honours scandal to public attention.

A senior Whitehall source said police believed they had evidence to contradict the defence offered by key figures in the scandal. Police are now said to be confident of charging Levy with breaching the 1925 Honours Act...

I don't think allegations that this is just an anti-semitic smear or a plot against the Irish or a vindictive campaign against curly haired twats will be enough now to stop the judicial juggernaut. The only question is how high will it go.


I was wondering why no-one had played the "plot against the Irish" card. In fact, it would be in a noxious old Irish tradition if someone were to imply that The Jews was trying to lay the blame on the poor Catholic peasant girl, while her uncaring Protestant colleagues (if there be such) abandoned her to a cruel fate. A Carnival of the Stereotypes might be just around the corner. Rather fitting for New Labour, some might think.

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