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Traitor Foiled

Heath's last wish to open home is refused | Uk News | News | Telegraph

One of the last wishes of the former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath, that his home be opened to the public after his death, has been turned down by councillors.

Whether my official objection was taken into account as it was presented to the meeting, I don't know:

The proposed design is missing the essential element needed to properly remind us of Sir Edward's contribution to his country - a spike above the door to display his traitorous head.


Well done. Thank you for reminding me about this Traitor. I am ashamed to say I was one of those morons he lied to back in 1975. I hope he rots in hell and when I get a chance I intend to urinate over his final resting place.

The irony is that although Heath was an absolute disaster as a PM, his greatest pride, one which many supported at the time, has proved even worse: the EU.

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