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Black Lawyer Says Black Gun Crime Nothing To Do With Blacks

Blaming black youths for gun crime 'a mistake' | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Blaming young black men for rising gun crime would be a ''profound mistake'', a Home Office minister said yesterday.

Lady Scotland clashed with the Commons home affairs committee over its inquiry into the treatment of Afro-Caribbean youths by the criminal justice system.

The MPs have heard evidence from police and community leaders of a crime ''crisis'' among young black people....
Recent shootings in London, in which black teenagers have been killed, led to further concern.

She made clear throughout the two-hour session that she did not accept that the issue should be seen in racial, rather than criminal, terms.

John Denham, the committee chairman, said while it was accepted that people did not offend because of the colour of their skin, there was evidence of a particular problem of violent crime within the black community.

There were also different ''profiles'' of crime depending on the community.

Young white men tended to be more involved in hooliganism and burglary, while young black men were likely to be linked to drugs and robberies.

However, Lady Scotland said: ''We accept there is an increasing problem on the use of guns and we are trying to address it. We have not had any evidence that this issue is solely or disproportionately an issue for black young men.''

As she is a former "Black Woman of the Year (law) 1992" I suppose I should bow down to her expertise but I do suspect her political correctness is blinding her to the truth.


I suppose she'd say it has as much to do with being black as with being from Scotland

Why is this shit even being listened to? It is so patently obvious PC bullshit that any newspaper or online source should die of embarrassment to even consider publishing it.

The more I look, the more I reckon Britain is rooted.

I'm of two minds about this. Yes, people of West African descent seem to commit violent crime at far highher rates than people of European descent.

There can be all sorts of argument about causes, but it IS a fact.

The question is, what difference does it make? If our criminal law is to be colour, sex, religion, etc. blind, should we even be having the conversation?

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