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It's all my fault

The Evil Empire - 101 Ways that England Ruined the World

The Evil Empire: 101 Ways That England Ruined the World
They invented slums. They invented child labor. They put Saddam Hussein in power. They burned Joan of Arc at the stake, and they enslaved the globe to get their tea fix. We're talking about England, of course, and the terrible evils they've set loose on the world. In The Evil Empire, American author Steven Grasse documents the 101 worst atrocities of Mother England everything from foxhunting to the invention of the concentration camp. With an irreverent mix of historical facts, smart commentary, and red-blooded American arrogance, Grasse offers a devastating critique of the country that gave us the machine gun, factory labor, and the metric system. Publishing just in time for the Queen's birthday (April 21), The Evil Empire is essential reading for true-blue Americans and others oppressed by the English throughout history.


It's about time the truth came out!

Blair is going to busy apologising.

Yes he's got us bang to rights. Its a fair cop but society is to blame.

But, as I say at ">my blogI don't regret it for a minute

It seems to be incumbent upon me to remind us all of the words of the Monty Python team in 'The life of Brian' "What did the Romans ever do for us?"
It's very easy, not to mention fashionable to snipe at the British, but we did a lot of good in the world and in many cases made it a much better, not to mention safer place, even for those who are taking advantage of that legacy.
when will someone in power have the courage to stand up and tell the truth? Not to mention dealing with the likes of Mugabe, who have squandered the wealth of a nation for his own greedy ends. Send in the gunboats! make us proud.

It's a fair cop Guv, but the essentially anarchic nature of the international society is to blame...

Grasse actually finds many readers amongst that part of the US that believes that the Queen really is a twleve-foot lizard, that Rowan Williams is actually a Demon called Azarzasel and that Armaggedon will kick-off in a Tesco car park in Camberley next year.

I'm astonished the English Tourist Board haven't wised-up to the potential of marketing the UK as 'Satan's State' to the US south of Rhode Island.


Surprisingly, one of those is actually true.

I must admit that I'm extremely doubtful of the historical accuracy of the book if he really thinks Britain invented the concentration camp (which in reality the Spanish did a few years before.) He's also making the classic mistake between concentration camps pre and during WW2.

Or slums, or child labour, or the metric system. The Gatling gun was an American invention, while Sir Hiram Maxim was born in the USA. This is the first time I've heard anyone accuse the English of having put Saddam Hussein into power, either.
As for the idea that warfare was a "a gentleman's game, with staged battles guided by the laws of chivalry" before the invention of the machine gun...

Still, he's got a point with regards to C*ldplay.

this is some pretty rich shit coming from a yank,its about time that we English started telling the rest of the world to fuck off,i am sick to death of liberal lefty twats trying to blame modern generations for every ill of the last 1000 years.ENDLAND FOREVER AND FUCK ALL THE REST.

"red-blooded American arrogance", my ass. No true red-blooded American would write such a whine-fest. The author should suck it up and get on with his life.

How about the English finally own up to their shameful past? I'd give examples that directly relate to present day, but I'm sure those will be the fault of the Spanish too.

Most people from the United States admit their forefathers wrong doings (some even feel *gasp* guilty), why can't the English? The English has the nerve to call Americans "arrogant." Interesting.

I love Britian, but let's please be honest with ourselves.

I don't think it's really important who invented concentration camp is it? Say for instance we knew the person who 'invented' rape, would this person be more evil than anyone who followed his example? Even if he where, any rapist who came after would still be a total b*****d.
Britain, like many other countries around the world, is at it's best amazing, and at it's worst beneath comtempt. That's why it's a bit silly getting all misty-eyed about the place.

Who cares who first coined the Concentration Camp, it's all in the past and not a fault of ours but the Americans are still using one at Guantanamo Bay. Oh yes, but there is good reason they will say, well maybe there was good reason in the past as well, who knows, who was there?

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