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Whitey Guilt Complex

And these little piggies might offend Muslims. . | Uk News | News | Telegraph

A school production of Roald Dahl's Three Little Pigs has turned the heroes into three little puppies for fear of offending Muslims.

Dahl's play, in which he reworks Little Red Riding Hood to include the pigs, is being put on by Honley Church of England School, in Huddersfield, with 250 primary pupils from other schools singing along. Gill Goodswen, who is one of the organisers of the Kirklees Primary Music festival behind the changes, said: "We have to be sensitive if we want to be multi-cultural. It was felt it would be more responsible not to use the three little pigs."...

Mohammed Imran, of the nearby Hanfia Mosque and Educational Institute, said he welcomed the thinking behind the decision but did not think it was necessary.

He pointed out that Islam does not ban the mentioning of pigs but added: "They are obviously trying to involve children rather than exclude them." But Philip Davies, the Conservative MP for Shipley, said: "My view is that the people responsible for this are completely bonkers. It is the type of political correctness which makes people's blood boil.

"As usual it is done in the name of ethnic minorities but it is perpetrated by white, middle class, do-gooders with a guilt complex and far too much time on their hands."

Spot on - I have yet to hear of one of these PC bans that has been demanded or welcomed by Moslems, as local councillor Terry Lyons said: "I can't believe that Muslims would be offended. This is pandering to a few extremists. People will take umbrage at this decision, making it easier for the BNP to recruit."


Don't muslims also consider dogs to be unclean?

It would be ironic if we had this PC crap and the replacement animal was just as 'offensive'.

Heh. Just read a story today about chicken fried bacon! Some folks in butt f*ck Texas batter dip bacon and fry it?! YUMMY! The health nazis hate that. God I love Texas!

BTW: I've always wanted to run a business called "Allah Brand Pork Products"

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