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Dismissing the troops

Cameron takes on Tory activists who prefer blue to green-News-Politics-TimesOnline

David Cameron is spoiling for a fight with his party, amid signs of growing frustration among the Conservative high command that the rank and file does not share his vision for Britain. The Conservative leader used his party’s spring conference in Nottingham to face down grumbling over the decision to introduce green taxes on flights. “It’s only clear you mean it when you do the tough things as well. Like telling the truth about climate change,” Mr Cameron said....

those close to Mr Cameron responded by pointing out that the Conservative membership was not representative of the country as a whole. “A quarter of a million people are members of the Tory party. The important point is that’s less than one per cent of the electorate,” said a party source.The party has also gone to war with ConservativeHome, the website used by some on the Right to voice concerns about Mr Cameron. A senior Tory close to Mr Cameron said: “It’s 30 people talking to 30 people.

“This shows the wider Tory party don’t ‘get’ politics.”

I think it shows that the narrow Tory leadership doesn't get politics. It is alright to sneer at the awful old Majors and women in flowery hats, it's alright to only listen to your metrosexual friends in Notting Hill as to what is "acceptable", it is alright to base your policies around what Sam worries about chatting at the school gates, but if you want win the election you need to lead the party, encourage them, empathise with them, represent them or they simply won't work for your victory.
Does Mr Cameron enthuse me, in the slightest way? No.
Would he make a troop commander, would you follow him over the top? Don't make me laugh.

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Now that the taxpayer is going to stump up all the money the political parties need in order to lie to and deceive said taxpayer, David Cameron won't have to pretend to like his party faithful anymore. He can emasculate the party to his shallow, gesture-ridden, anti-freedom, anti-capitalist, anti-scientific heart's content. Although the anti-s probably imply the wee boy has more principles than he actually has. His only true guiding principle is identical to Tony's, power for power's sake at any cost, when we get we'll figure out what to do with it.

Follow him over the top.... Don't make me laugh. He will be back in blighty complaining about the cost of a gun and ammunition for two people while you go over the top with Mr FM shooting the gun you have to pick up if he buys the farm while a Reid lookalike shoots those with common sense. Have you seen Enemy at the Gates?

He wouldn't go over the top; he'd be launching a "hug a hun" campaign while taking hose nasty lead bullets off our cartridges so we don't harm the "environment"

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