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What a Party!

How to celebrate 50 years of Europe

Austria: Young rock bands
Belgium: Veteran pop stars
Bulgaria: University debates
Cyprus: EU office open day
Czech Republic: Half marathon
Denmark: Free buns
France: Romantic movie
France has tried harder than most, shooting a film to be shown on national television on Sunday. Nous nous sommes tant haïs ( How We Hated Each Other), a film about the reawakening of love between a Parisian barmaid and a former German officer who lost contact for five years after a wartime affair. The tear-jerking, European Commission-funded made-for-TV romance of Marie and Jörgen has become the latest vehicle for inspiring mass enthusiasm in the European Union.

Their story, a heavy-handed allegory for the unification of Europe,....

Sometimes you couldn't make it up.....


So let's see if I get this straight: After five years of seperation the happy eurocouple get back together symbolising the formation of the european union. Okay, it's pretty contrived, but what can you expect from the Frogs.

What gets me is that using the same alegorical theme then surely the filmmakers (and their eu-phile backers) regard the nazi occupation of France as a sort of proto-eu and a good thing (it's depicted as a love affair, not a rape, you'll notice).

Very telling, and a message that should be broadcast far and wide: Being in the EU is just as much fun as being invaded by the Nazis. The Froggies say it's true so it must be.

Strange, everyone in Franch claimed to have been a freemdom fighter during the war not a collaborator. A film about the truth at last!

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