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Comrade Brown

Jelly-Bellied%20Flag%20Flapper.jpg Some of Britain’s highest-ranking officials said yesterday that they supported the devastating attack on Gordon Brown by Lord Turnbull, the former head of the Civil Service, who accused him of “Stalinist ruthlessness”.

(The Times) can disclose that Sir Gus O’Donnell, the current Cabinet Secretary, and other Whitehall heads are discussing Mr Brown’s style of government and whether and how it might be changed if he enters No 10. The Chancellor delivers his last Budget today battered by the revolt by officials, fears of rising mortgages, the worst inflation figures since 1991 and with one poll suggesting that David Cameron’s lead would stretch to 15 points if Mr Brown were prime minister.

Half a dozen acting permanent secretaries and even more who are retired have voiced concerns about Mr Brown’s manner.

However rotten a day he is having we all know who is going to pay for it this afternoon, don't we.


You should have put browns head on a picture of lennin or something really strong, your picture looks less commy and more like mugabee.

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