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The Black Helicopters are coming

BBC NEWS | England | Merseyside | Police test drone spy helicopters

Pilotless helicopters will be tested by police on Merseyside in the fight against anti-social behaviour.

The drone aircraft will keep watch over football matches and trouble hotspots.

Fitted with CCTV cameras and weighing 1kg - about the same as a bag of sugar - they are controlled by officers on the ground.

The force is considering using them to monitor large crowds

Will my tin foil hat protect me?


No. The tin foil hat won't help.

Get yourself a good catapult instead.

Too bad they don't have any helicopters to use in Iraq. But this sounds more important.

Ha. They'll all get stolen.

No: some students with not enough to do at MIT tested tinfoil hats and they actually make things worse - more radio waves in your head. Let's hope the 'copters are a government procurement project, in which case they'll be delivered 10 years late, have a few bits missing from the box and blow up on the runway.

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