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Wanted - an engineer

Swimming pools may stay empty as summer water ban is tightened-Life & Style-Property-Gardens-TimesOnline

Householders seeking refuge from the blistering summer sun will be banned from filling their swimming pools during water shortages under proposals unveiled today.

Hot tubs and splash pools will be similarly outlawed during droughts. The measures are designed to modernise the widely derided hosepipe bans and to help water companies to maintain supply during dry spells, which are predicted to occur more frequently because of climate change.

Last summer was one of the driest in recent history, and a number of water companies were forced to apply for drought orders. Heavy rains since then have allowed groundwater levels to recover and most reservoirs are now full or close to full.

Children, however, may be allowed to play in small paddling pools — though not in family-sized splash pools. Elderly and disabled people may also be granted exemptions to use a hose either to water their gardens or to fill watering cans.

Breaches of the rules will continue to be punishable by fines of up to £1,000 and water companies will continue to rely on the public to police misuse.

Tens of thousands of people informed on their neighbours during last year’s ban, reporting lawns being hosed at night and other abuses.

Now isn't that bloody depressing, leaving aside "climate change" copping the blame as usual, look how THEY respond to the problem, detailed irksome rules, there will be inspectors measuring paddling pools and the most depressing part? Turning the country is a curtain twitching land full of narks.

Let's remind ourselves, each and every one of us has four million litres of water dropped every year onto this green and pleasant land. What tiny percentage of that do we need to capture, bearing in mind the denizens of London use only second or third hand water? Bugger all. Is nothing more symptomatic that this generation's Bazalgette produces "Big Brother" where as his great-great-grandfather built sewers.

Note on rainfall figure: (244 820km2 * 10 000(m2 in Ha) * 1 000(litres rain per m2) * 100(Ha in km2)) / 60 000 000(population) = 4 080 333.33


So you can fill a 10 gallon paddling pool and tip it out fifty times a day, but you can't fill a 50 gallon splash pool once. You can fill a watering can from a tap, but not from a hose attached to the tap (unless you're disabled). Water authorities charge us for taking away rainwater; if it doesn't rain, shouldn't we get a rebate?

(Disclaimer: my authority - Northumbrian Water - is excellent.)

The difference is in Bazalgette's day the country had a "[we] can do" attitude. Nowadays the government is fixated on "[you] can't do".

I guess I'll fill the pool in then. Or can I use water from a stream on my land?

This generation's Bazalgette produces sewage whereas his great-great-grandfather built sewerage.

The solution is obvious: water meters. If you can't ration a scarce resource by price, you have to ration it by diktat.

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