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The Size of The Turkey Army

A quarter of workers paid by the public purse | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Almost a quarter of all workers are employed in the public sector - far more than admitted to by Gordon Brown. A third of women claimed to work for the state, compared to 15.6 per cent of men.

Almost seven million people say that they work for the state - 900,000 more than when Labour came to power a decade ago, according to a poll accompanying the respected Office for National Statistics' Labour Force Survey.

By contrast, the measure favoured by the Chancellor - called Public Sector Employment - says that there are now 5.8 million state workers, up from 5.1 million in 1997.

This measure, however, excludes hundreds of thousands of workers, including family doctors, NHS contractors and university lecturers, who are counted in different categories than public sector workers.

And then there are the millions who depend on Government largesse for their jobs, and are under the State's thumb as surely as if they worked for it - farmers for instance...


...not to forget the people in the private sector who do not work for their companies' customers, but only serve the government - collecting and accounting for VAT, collecting and accounting for PAYE, ensuring compliance with employment laws, collecting data for government statistics etc. The companies get to pay their wages, but they work for Gordon too. It would be interesting to compare the proportion of actual and virtual State employees in Britain today with that in Communist countries in the 1970's (where in a mirror image of our situation, many notionally employed by the State were actually in business on their own account).

Wow! I like the fact that the public workforce is on the rise.

I love big government. I mean we live on a small island. I think the only thing we can do is have huge government!

That or just suck up to the US

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