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In the windmills of Miliband's mind

I'm in tune with the 'I can' generation | Dt Opinion | Opinion | Telegraph

In the battle against climate change, an "I can" society enables citizens to become producers as well as consumers of energy. Within ten years, all new homes will need to sell energy back to the national grid, with citizens getting a fair price for their electricity. The power stations of the future will draw energy from a million roofs, rather than just a central generator. Round like a circle in a spiral like a wheel within a wheel. Never ending or beginning on an ever-spinning reel, like a snowball down a mountain or a carnival balloon, like a carousel that's turning running rings around the moon, like a clock whose hands are sweeping past the minutes on its face and the world is like an apple spinning silently in space. Like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind.

Like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning
On an ever-spinning reel
As the images unwind
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind

Peace Man, that's cool...


Someone else has been smoking the leaves of the tree of knowledge.

Ah. So you watched the Steve MacQueen Faye Dunnaway original version of the Thomas Crown affair the other day,did you? The song was sung by Rex Harrison 's son.

I can. I can also not vote for him.

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