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A coded attack on Tim Ireland?

Blogged off-Comment-Join the Debate-Letters to the Editor-TimesOnline

Sir, That the mania for blogging is running out of steam (report, March 25 ) should come as no surprise to anyone but a manic blogger.

And who is the "Manic" Blogger? Tim Ireland - pure coincidence of course him using the term, I'm sure.

For a couple of months last year I blogged and contributed to online discussion forums, but the pleasure soon palled. I quickly learnt that — far from being a widespread, popular activity — on any one site the same people return again and again, and you soon get to know their pre-conceptions and prejudices. Many bloggers are petty — not to say misanthropic — and respond to other blogs with personal attacks on the people who wrote them, questioning their truthfulness and imputing to them dislikeable motives. The tone of many blogs and forums is quite unpleasant....

No - nothing like Tim Ireland and his constant sniping at Guido Fawkes and Iain Dale for not following his Laws of Blogging.


That's it, brother... keep the faith!

The abuse is all part of the fun tim, blogging is about letting off steam

Dare I say it, but I am going to defend Tim. It's entirely possible that that piece may have been written by the Winston Fletcher who writes for Comment is Free and Marketing Week.

I agree with the Hitch largely, but would add that bloggging is just a website with a guestbook script, and also wishing for standard on people's persoanl websites because they write about a particularly type of subject is plainly silly. The flaming is part of the game as well, its not the real world.

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