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Gordon Brown's Legacy

Comment: Documents are political dynamite | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Gordon Brown .. knowingly took actions which devastated Britain's pensions industry.

When he delivered his first Budget, he claimed he was merely ironing out unfair tax breaks enjoyed by the pensions industry. Now we know that the Chancellor was entirely aware that he was composing an effective death sentence for final salary pension schemes.

The destruction of long-term savings in the UK will be one of Mr Brown's longest-lasting legacies. Millions now face a retirement with only a fraction of the pension enjoyed by their parents. As the documents show, the worst affected will be those on lower incomes.


...ironing out unfair tax breaks enjoyed by the pensions industry...

Balderdash. Attacks on pensioners is the lowest of the low. Yes, I know it was the 'industry' he was attacking but the end result is the same.

Even over here, when they tried to touch the pensioners, the government got a whipping.

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