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Miliband - sacrifice yourself for the good of the party

Miliband 'would be a human sacrifice' | Uk News | News | Telegraph

David Miliband would be offering himself up for "human sacrifice" if he were to run against Gordon Brown for Labour leader, Margaret Beckett warns today.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the Foreign Secretary says 41-year-old Mr Miliband would be "daft" to put his career at risk in order to satisfy the "prejudices" of Blairite MPs and the press.

It is not just the prejudices - the Labour Party, along with everyone else knows that Gordon Brown will lose it the next election. David Miliband knows this and so doesn't want to run, as the Labour Party is such damaged goods it might still lose with him at the helm. He sees his role as being the saviour of the party after the election and Gordon having been sent home with his tail between his tail. But, and it is a big but, the Labour Party want him to fight, it is their only chance, and a slim one, that they can hold onto power. If he loses, well they were going to lose anyway, he is expendable. So for the good of the party they want him to go over the top in one last futile gesture. His sensible refusal may be taken as cowardice and held against him, he is betting that they will need him though.
However the "Anyone But Gordon" campaign in the Labour Party is so determined that we might find that Gordon is prevented from standing (maybe by embarrassing leaks) and David has to step into the breech, certainly a small side bet as him being the next PM would not be daft.


If only we could be sure the whole motley crew will lose at the next election but I fear that DC is not inspiring. Better the 'make-the-policy-on-the-run' you know than the one you don't.

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