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A pathetic yes-man responds

Mike Power's Weblog reveals why Tim Ireland called me 'pathetic'.)

Tim Ireland:" If someone deliberately turns a blind eye to the quite obvious fact that it is Dale and Staines who have the websites that are awash with anonymous bullies and that it is Dale and Staines who make regular use of those same bullies... if they then play the tired old trick of trying to turn it around and make out that I'm the bully responsible for 'personal attacks', yes, that makes them pathetic."

I have no interest or knowledge of Guido's and Iain's commentators and certainly I am not sure what all this supposed bullying by them is all about. His attack on me seems to be an irrational thrashing about looking for a target to hit.

At first I was going to respond to Tim Ireland by calling him a lackbrain, witworm, lubbard, clopdate, pickthank, fustilarian, a stinkard, a scoundrel, a runnion, a paltry scurvy wretch and so on. Immature I know but great fun. I then decided a dignified silence was the most appropriate response, but then having actually read through some more of the verbiage on bloggerheads I started to actually pity and worry about him. I don't think it will help him in his difficulties for any more attention to be paid to him. Or am I the one who is suffering from paranoia?

Paranoia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"the paranoid person blames and/or fears intelligent beings for their supposedly intentional actions."


Some say it's best to ignore him because he behaves like a dog with a bone. I lean to the school of thought of overwhelming him with abuse. Check my blog on Monday when I'll be blogging in the style of Manic.

Having recently discovered political blogs, I visited bloggerheads ...


Deep reasoned and sincere nit-picking, designed to set anti-NuLab blogs scrapping amongst themselves. Feeble Alistair Campbell clones at work ?

Alan Douglas

I have no interest or knowledge of Guido's and Iain's commentators...

And yet to feel qualified to comment and pass judgement on the matter.

You also label me as paranoid, and at the same time define a short objection to your view as an attack.

PT: I look forward to it.

Alan Douglas: If you had spent more than a few seconds at Bloggerheads, you would have discovered that trying to label me as a servant of Campbell or New Labour makes you look just a little bit foolish... or perhaps dishonest*.

[*ZOMG! Did you see that? I just ATTACKED him!]

**a short objection to your view** Do what? You called him a 'pathetic yes-man' for fuck's sake!

He doesn't need any knowledge of Guido or his commenters to object to your tedious, boring rants about blog 'standards' and 'etiquette' (sic). He doesn't need to carry out an in depth study of everything that happens to get up your nose just to express the widely held view that you are tiresome, tedious blowhard. If anyone has the 'right of reply'to your abusive remarks I think, even in your bizarre inner world, it would be the people on the receiving end of them.

Alan Douglas didn't label you a servant of Campbell or New Labour. His reference to Campbell is perfectly clear to me. But of course it provides you with an opportunity to call him 'dishonest'.

You really are incapable of writing more than a few words without being abusive. You're the Mr Tourettes of UK blogging. You're a bloody disgrace.

BTW: Have you found 'it' yet?

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