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Patricia Hewitt: I'm not a sex object

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Politician is fed up of being famous for her breasts

It must be tough being Patricia Hewitt.

The politician says she's sick of landing ministerial roles where her main task is to flash her flesh.

'There's still a world full of people out there who think there's not much more to me than the girl who can wear tiny tops,' she tells Zoo magazine.

It's a turnaround for our Pat, 59, who previously claimed she LIKED people staring at her breasts, because they divert attention away from her less impressive body parts.

'There are a hundred other parts that I feel completely insecure about and would rather no one talked about,' she says. 'So if they focus on my breasts, it's fine by me,' she said.

'My boobs have a career of their own. I just accept them as a great accessory to every outfit.'

Make up your mind love.

Christopher Booker reports the comment by Patricia Hewitt on our 15 sailors and Royal Marines who were captured by just six Iranians. "It was deplorable," pronounced our tight-lipped Health Secretary, "that the woman hostage should be shown smoking. This sends completely the wrong message to our young people."

Warning - only half of this story is true, you guess which half.


There used to be an ugly rumour around that Michael Jackson and his sister were the same person, as they were never seen together.

Now I'm begining to wonder whether Patricia Hewett and Margaret Beckett could actually be the same person, as they seem to be equally competant.

the Booker story has to be an April Fool's. Doesn't it?.........

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