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Gordon's Balls Retract

Brown aide’s claim on tax grab is completely untrue, says CBI-Business-Money-Pensions-TimesOnline
(Image stolen from Guido)

Gordon Brown has become embroiled in an unprecedented row with business leaders who effectively accused the Government yesterday of trying to lie its way out of the pensions furore.

As the Chancellor maintained his silence on the issue, the Confederation of British Industry went on the offensive, saying it was “completely untrue” that it had ever supported the hugely controversial £5 bil-lion-a-year tax raid on pensions in Labour’s first Budget in 1997. The extraordinary row is a blow to the Chancellor’s long-fought-for reputation as a friend of business.

Ed Balls, the Treasury Minister and close ally of Mr Brown, had to issue a statement retracting claims that he made on Saturday..

Nobody loves him, nobody wants him, will he still make it to the top?


I want to cut Gordon Brown's Balls off.

"Nobody loves him, nobody wants him, will he still make it to the top?"

Well, shit can float.

Personally I'm quite looking forward to Gordon the Bogeyman becoming the next Dear Leader.

Picking on The Millipede is a bit like tormenting a sick puppy whereas the prospect of piling abuse on GB is far more exciting.

RM: the one thing that sustains me in the dreadful thought of a Gordon Brown Premiership is the utter ignominy in which it will end.

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