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Kids are too bright for school

Bright pupils 'dragged down' | Uk News | News | Telegraph

t least 120,000 bright children are effectively going backwards in secondary schools, prompting fresh fears over the way top pupils are taught.

One child in five who was doing well in some core subjects at the end of primary school failed to make any further progress in the first three years of secondary education, according to figures obtained by the Conservatives. Many of the top performing pupils at 11 actually did worse by the age of 14.

But last night the Tories blamed poor results on the continued use of mixed ability classes at many state secondary schools, which they say is dragging bright children down.

In a class of thirty kids you will have six who can't read, in some lessons a TA (Teaching Assistant) will come and sit with them to keep them quiet, six will ignore the lesson, six will struggle to work to please mummy and daddy, six will be average in everything, and six will be the bright kids. One or two of them will push themselves but the others will be bored out of their minds and will have imbued the spirit of mediocrity and failure that is endemic in the teaching profession. If you are lucky they will just vegetate, but idle hands soon get into mischief; your best chance if one of those kids is yours is that they will run the in-school drug cartel and make obscene amounts of tax-free cash to look after you in your pensionless old age.


Having recently left state education, I can tell you that you're just about spot on - except about the reading, I never knew any illiterate students (except for an Iraqi immigrant, but we can't expect him to read or speak English of course, that would be disrespecting his cultural heritage).

I did actually make a fair bit of money. Not selling drugs unfortunately, that niche was already filled, but selling food and homework. The school canteen sold Mars bars at 60p. The nearby garage sold them at 35p. 'Twas a tidy little operation until it got shut down :( Selling homework was where the real money was at though. Since I never did any myself I had plenty of time to do every one elses and get paid for it.

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