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Very Modern PoWs

Sky News In Pictures: British Sailors Released

Good news of course, but the old fashioned snob in me has been revolted by the pictures of them lounging around in tracksuits and then waving while wearing cheap grey suits - the look like a football team. And I'm sure we will be treated to a deluge of interviews with them when they return.
It is easy to say this from my warm safe home but I wish we had witnessed a bit more recalcitrance - stubborn resistance to and defiance of authority. More "just name, rank and number"; more refusal to wear anything but the Queen's uniform; more Britishness, less Blairism.


You say it yourself "comfort of a warm home" Transpose that location to a foreign country, where your captors look fierce and speak a language you do not understand and where you may well be aware how impotent your own government was. They said nothing really serious and I am sure that all who watched - except possibly yourself - realised that they were being expediant. The no, rank, name routine was OK in the days when Geneva convention was more than just some inconvenient document that got in the way of real warfare.

What happened to their uniforms, if they were left in Iran, they will end up in the hands of terrorists who will use them as disguises for suicide bombers and murder squads.

John Wood
"where your captors look fierce and speak a language you do not understand"
What, like the Imperial Japanese Army, or the SS?
How about the North Koreans, or the Chinese?
We've fought all of them, without appearing on their telly screens apologising for being naughty boys and girls.
I wonder what dirty little deal BLiar made to get this result.

Contrast this with the former "guests" of the Hanoi Hilton! One made himself appear brainwashed while others looked downcast, used unusual speech patterns and made hand gestures to get the true message out. Two others went further: one cut his own scalp with a razor, while another used a wooden stool to beat his own face bloody so he wouldn't be dragged in front of the cameras. There was no Geneva convention for them either. All were tortured and most bear their injuries to this day, yet none of them would describe himself as a hero. The grandparents of those British sailors and Marines would have done no less in previous wars. But then how can we expect UK servicemen to behave like their grandfathers did in captivity when you have "leaders" like Prince Hooray Harry? http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30100-1259237,00.html

Tom Paine at the Last Ditch has some insight into the deal.

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