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Hickory, dickory, dock

Neglectful dog owners could face prosection | Uk News | News | Telegraph

A vet in England may dock a dog's tail as long as it is no more than five days old and its owner has provided the following evidence: the dam of the dog (so the type may be ascertained), a completed statement by the owner and a shotgun certificate...

Have they gone mad? It is hard enough getting a shotgun certificate for a fully grown dog, but for a five day old puppy? Don't they live in the real world?

In Wales the word breed is used rather than type, which appears to mean that if a dog is not of a pedigree listed in the regulations its tail may not be docked. In Scotland there is a separate Act which bans docking for any reason. In Northern Ireland tail docking is legal.

Oh bloody typical of the Welsh to demand ethnic purity, don't want any of those English Springer Spaniels coming over, waving a leek and singing "My hen laid a haddock, one hand oiled a flea", and the Sweatys banning anything they can, while good Ulster folk fly the flag of freedom.


Er, didn't you claim to be Welsh last week?

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