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Anyone suggesting a similarity wil be branded a heretic and taken outside.

Polar caps wane as Mars tries global warming | The Register

Global warming and melting polar ice caps are not just problems here on Earth. Mars is facing similar global changes, researchers say, with temperatures across the red planet rising by around 0.65 degrees over the last few decades.

Meanwhile back on Earth: Attribution of recent climate change - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Over the past five decades there has been a global warming of approximately 0.65 ーC (1.17 ーF) at the Earth's surface

The trigger for the changes on Mars are, however, totally different from those mechanisms controlling and influencing climate here on Earth.
Christensen cautions against drawing any parallels between the warming on Mars and on Earth. He said: "The more we learn about Mars, the more intuition it gives us about Earth, but the systems are fundamentally different."

Different do you hear, different I said.

"They're looking at a piece of the cycle, other processes could turn this around to a place where the ice-caps start growing again. You can't take 10 years of data and extrapolate out to 1,000 years."

Sorry is that Earth or Martian Global Warming Science you are talking about now? - I'm getting confused.


On the other hand, there are sensible posts on the phenomenon, such as that at L'Ombre. why do the ceptics always poke fun but don't actually refute the melting caps? Becasue they can't.

Don't question your betters, just believe. Here are some faithful souls who believed they could waltz to the North Pole because of all that global warming.


James, no-one is sceptical about the Arctic ice cap melting. We only disagree about WHY. Please consider reducing your carbon emissions from burning straw men!

Noone on Mars has signed up to Kyoto, ergo, not signing Kyoto = global warming.

The search is on to spot the first 4*4 car on Mars

Many are disputing the melting ice caps. Numerous studies have shown that the Antarctic ice sheet is growing in coverage and stable in thickness. Scientists claim that as the world grows warmer, the ice will not melt significantly more than it always has done (as it's still dozens of degrees below freezing) but increased world humidity will mean more snowfall which freezes into ice, causing the polar ice to actually increase.

Even amongst those who think the ice caps are shrinking, there is much disagreement over why. The IPCC say it's "90% certain" it's because of man-made C02 emissions, but many scientists, some of them former IPCC members, say that man-made CO2 makes up just 0.017% of the green house gases in the atmoshpere, and that natural water vapour, a much more potent green house gas, makes up around 80% of this. They claim that climate change is happening naturally, as it has done for millions of years, due to factors like increased solar activity. They also claim that the world is in fact colder today than it was when the Vikings were invading the British isles.

Excellant point, Cynical Libertarian. You've highlighted a hitherto undebated impact of global warming, as temperatures rise, we can expect to see a rise in Viking Raid activity. When a tipping point is reached, this will be followed by full blown invasion and settlement. Perhaps the Jorvic centre in York is not just an innocent, over-priced tourist attraction.

On top of the Greengeld that El Gordo has introduced, expect to start paying danegeld.

I suspect the goverment has already foreseen the potential for renewed Viking raids. The need to maintain a nuclear arsenal makes sense when seen against the possible need for pre-emptive strikes against Scandinavia. And a universal DNA database will help the authorities identify those with Viking ancestry who may have divided loyalties. There will be internment camps the length and breadth of the country. I'll be able to prove my loyalty by dobbing in the wife and kids (she's from Yorkshire).

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