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Taking us for cabbage looking

All families to get Miliband Election Manifesto ‘green pledge card’-News-UK-TimesOnline

Households across the country are to receive a “green pledge card” and leaflet from the government about how they can help to combat climate change and do more for the environment.

Families will be encouraged to buy energy-efficient light bulbs, drive their cars less, cut down on short-haul flights, recycle their household waste, properly turn off televisions and computers, buy more seasonal and locally produced food — and even consider adopting changes to their diet.

The pledge card, modelled on Labour’s general election motif, will set out what the government is doing to save energy and tackle climate change. But on the reverse it will set out what ministers expect of the public, listing five areas where individuals can help protect the environment.

The move comes after a Whitehall review concluded that the government’s message on climate change was being “diluted” by other organisations and that ministers needed to “simplify” their message about what people could do to help.

The plans are being put forward by David Miliband,

...who hopes to be "Prime Minister in waiting" after the next election.


Is this like when the Werhmacht had to pledge allegiance to Hitler rather than Germany?

I pledge to be a good boy and do what that nice Mr Miliband tells me...

Why not run a competition to find the most unsustainable way of disposing with your pledge card, other than ramming it up Millitosser's backside? But then, he's so pure I don't suppose he does emit waste. It will be great when the carbon calculator is up and running so we can have competitions on who has the biggest carbon footprint. I fancy our chances (1 fridge, 2 beer fridges, 1 wine fridge, freezer, aircon, SUV, V6 (soon to be upgraded to V8), all appliances on standby) and we'd be prepared to put in more effort if the prize was worth it.

More junk mail for me to burn in my garden chimenea,
Saves buying wood !

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