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Barcoding the acres

Landowners urged to register | Uk News | News | Telegraph

A picture of who owns Britain could soon be revealed in the biggest survey of land ownership in 130 years.

Thousands of aristocrats and farmers who own large swathes of the country are being asked to register their ownership under a new campaign by the Land Registry.

More than 40 per cent of land in England and Wales has not been publicly registered, including more than half of all rural land.

But tighter rules to be considered by the registry this year could see more landowners forced to register their ownership.....

Kevin Cahill, author of Who Owns Britain, estimated that around 50 per cent of those not registered, including some of the biggest landowners in England and Wales, will refuse to register unless they are forced.

He said: "Only the very public-spirited among these landowners will voluntarily register. People say they want to guard their privacy. But suppose I happen to take my privacy very seriously and don't want to register my property? I don't have any choice."

And why wouldn't you want to make public what land you owned in this glorious egalitarian new Britain? It is only "reasonable" and surely you have nothing to hide...


Just remember in the early thirties the German census asked, for the first time, for your religious persuasion. Many Jews were proud to claim their Jewish heritage. It helped Herr Hitler and his sycophants no end.

Judge your enemy, not by his intentions but, by his capabilities.

The US Census was used during WW2 to help round up the Japanese and put them camps.

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