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Health care

Last night (Easter Monday Public Holiday) at 10:00 we noticed one of our elderly cats couldn't stand up, rang the vets who cheerfully opened up the surgery and by half past the poor old Moppet was being examined by the vet in spotless surroundings. Sadly she had a thrombosis and we had to have her put to sleep as that seemed to be the kindest choice of the options we were given. We brought her home by 11:00
Over in another part of town my eldest son was striken by severe abdominal pain down on the lower right side. The doctor was rung at 10:00 but of course was unavailable, at 11:30 his mother was still waiting to see if she was to be allowed to take him to hospital that night to be examined.

Says it all about health care doesn't it.


I think it's unwise to juxtapose those two incidents publicly. It would only take two more such stories for the Government to spin it as a public consultation approving (a) of euthanasia without the patient's approval and (b) of authorising vets to work in the NHS as "vet practitioners"

Well, all it proves is that the English love cats more than they do kids.

Errrrrrr... wait a minute.


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