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Disruptive pupils 'should be given prizes' | Uk News | News | Telegraph

Difficult and disruptive pupils should be praised and given prizes to encourage them to behave, Government guidance said yesterday....

But schools must avoid discriminating against particular racial groups when punishing children for misbehaving in class.

As examples, the document said: "Gold rings and earrings are often viewed as an intrinsic part of Gypsy/Roma identity; Sikh pupils may be required by their religion to carry a kirpan (ceremonial knife)."

... teachers are told to be aware of the risk of certain pupils being "over disciplined" through misinterpretation of their behaviour, such as a "loud" social style.

Ah - I think they mean Chav culture where screaming at each other is the primary form of communication apart from grunting - nice to see it is recognised alongside the knife carriers and didicoys as being a valid and respected culture.


What are your views on knives? I carry a knife all the time, and use it most days. Essential tool, essential part of being a human in my opinion. People who stab innocent people should be locked up and never released, but don't blame the misued tools...

We celebrate diversity, but not your sort of diversity Englishman. Only diversity approved of will be tolerated.

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