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Getting Ready To Rumble

The curtain comes down on Blair's reign | Uk News | News | Telegraph

The May 3 ballots in more than 300 English councils, as well as the four-yearly polls for the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly, take place at a critical time.

Voters could be about to revise the political map of the UK, with huge implications for Labour, the Tories and even the 300-year-old Union between England and Scotland.

Outside London, which has no elections, and Northern Ireland, which voted recently for its restored assembly, almost every voter in the country will be entitled to go the the polls. The potential ramifications are huge.

Down here in the south we are just looking at the Dave effect to unseat some Lib Dems local councillors (Lib Dem councillors are often scary bearded (both the men and the women) fanatics so a soft cuddly Tory who "cares" is a friendlier choice). Up North the Tories don't show much sign of the break though they need - it is the acid test for Dave.
Wales has enjoyed a Labour lead Assembly, so no wonder Peter Hain is worried that the voters will not rush to renew their mandate.
And Scotland, ah Scotland - will the SNP give Labour the bloody nose it deserves?
And then that opens up the Gordon question with Tony out the door - the ABGs don't want the Loser leading but like an autistic kid with a playstation you aren't going to wrestle the prize away from easily.
I think I'm going to enjoy the 4th of May - maybe a decent bottle of something should be put aside to drink as we watch the catfight.


I emailed UKIP (national and local) to ask their views on some important issues not included in their 2005 manifesto (gun control for one). This was perhaps a month ago, and I am yet to recieve a reply.

If they can't be bothered to speak to me I'm certainly not going to vote for them, and there's no one else. So I might walk into the ballot room and walk straight out again, just so I feel I did my bit fo democrapcy. I mean democracy.

It is important that the English maintain the impression that we think Scottish independence would be a disaster and we don't want it. If the Scottish suspect for one second that it's what we pray for every night then they won't vote for it just to spite us.

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