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Suggestions Please

My car broke down last night so I wasted an hour waiting for the engine to cool down. I was bored, I had nothing to read, I thought I really ought to keep a book in the car I can dip into for such times, or anyother time I'm sat waiting in the car. But what book? Obviously "dippable into", interesting but not so interesting that I will be happy to leave it unfinished, until the next time I have time to read a chapter or so.
Your suggestions please.


In my glove box I have a copy of "The Penguin History of the World" by J.M. Roberts. Always useful to be reminded of ones own insignificance.

I think Auto Repair For Dummies would make a fine choice :P

"Paperweight" by Stephen Fry
A collection of his columns and articles from a fair while ago now but still good

Theodore Dalrymple's 'Our Culture, What's Left Of It'.
If breaking down doesn't depress you, this will!

For short bursts of reading I stick with the Telegraph, but if it must be a book I recommend Damon Runyan, Jeeves, or Saki, all short stories, and all around the same set of characters.

In the Runyan case, I have to beware, I naturally star tinkin' an' speakin' like dat, if I read too much.

Alan Douglas

Runyon a great chice...but being scouse I already speak like dat!

This is what you get for poo-pooing at Mr FM's Landies and their unreliability my friend.

The Book of Lists (I think they're up to six, now).

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