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The Miliband Love-in

There Is An Alternative is his shiny new supporters blog - Dave we love you!

And The Telegraph reports:

Bring on the challengers, says Brown

Mr Murdoch's media empire, much of which has been broadly supportive of Mr Brown, might support a challenge from Mr Miliband.

The Left-leaning Guardian newspaper is also considering supporting a challenge by Mr Miliband.

All we need now is for us to be told he has the sweetest soft downy peachy bottom for me to lose my breakfast over the keyboard as the ABG - Anyone But Gordon - crowd push their reluctant hero forward.


"The running and setting up of this site involves/involved only normal Labour party members". Spot the oxymoron.

David Milliband is an unashamed statist. His shallow, vacuous, ill-informed writings on his blog suggest he is the ideal candidate to continue Blair's work of dismantling every vestige of freedom in England.

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