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Beckett Fritters Away Britain's Reputation

Beckett feels the heat after debate on climate-News-World-US & Americas-TimesOnline

A chorus of protests met Margaret Beckett, the Foreign Secretary, as she chaired the UN Security Council’s first debate on climate change yesterday.

China, Russia and some leading developing nations (The Group of 77 and the Non-Aligned Movement,) said that Britain was overstepping the council’s remit.

Britain pushed hard to get climate change on to the Security Council agenda in an effort inspired in part by the US initiative to hold an unprecedented council debate on Aids in 2000.

Officials succeeded, however, only by resorting to a procedural device that described the debate simply as a discussion of a British letter on “energy, security and climate”.

Italy and Slovakia were the only other Security Council members apart from Britain to send a minister to take part in the debate.

Britain got firm backing from the EU, however,...

What a triumph! Marvel at Britain's influence on the world! How respected Ma Beckett is! Italy AND Slovakia turned up along side a few coral reef islanders. Still the press reports it as a triumph for global concern so it must be, I suppose.


Good old Becks. She was unspeakably pathetic during the recent hostage crisis but now stands up to the world, all guns blazing.

Is it because she's completely completely in thrall to her officlals? Or is it because she really believes it'll cause world war three?

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