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Giving him his 15 minutes

Times%20Video.jpg The Times Online.

On one hand be all concerned and report on the hurt and harm airing the video the little prick made, on the other hand grab the viewers who want to watch it. So the next sad loser who can't make it with a real flesh and blood woman knows his masturbatory message will be aired to one and all, while the media can bask in the glow of self righteous anger and more advertising. I believe it was Sir John Junor who coined the phrase that there was more honour in being the piano player in a brothel than being a gutter journalist


The Guardian was just as bad. "Should the video have been shown ?" was just below 'Watch the video here"

It's like those "Highway madness" type TV programmes.

"Driving can be dangerous and requires full attention and consideration at all times. BUT HAVE A LOOK AT THIS NUTTER!!! JUST LOOK AT HIM GO!!!"

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