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BBC NEWS | UK | Call to ration TV for children

The amount of time children spend watching television should be rationed to prevent health and learning problems, an expert (Dr Aric Sigman) will tell MPs.

Aric Sigman is available for hire.

Dr Aric Sigman has the unique ability to 'translate' complex scientific research into easy-to-digest information which the rest of us can not only understand, but also use! Always fascinating, he is a lively, entertaining and sometimes provocative speaker - a combination he has used to good effect when presenting TV and radio programmes.

He is also a popular media interviewee, frequently asked to talk about scientific and psychological issues on programmes as diverse as Newsnight, The Today Programme, Watchdog and Richard & Judy.

Yes far too much trashy TV!

He "rejected claims setting down guidelines constitutes a "nanny state".
He said: "Successive governments are quite willing to advise us on personal matters.

I hope that non sequitur wasn't his attempt at justification, I wonder what he would consider a Nanny State to be.


"Successive governments are quite willing to advise us on personal matters."

Quite. But that doesn't mean that they any right to do so.

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