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Happy St George's Day

Saint George - The Patron Saint of: Amersfoort, Netherlands; Aragon; agricultural workers; archers; armourers; Beirut, Lebanon; Scouts; butchers; Cappadocia; Catalonia; cavalry; chivalry; Constantinople; Corinthians (Brazilian soccer team);Crusaders; England (by Pope Benedict XIV); equestrians; Ethiopia; farmers; Ferrara, Italy; field workers; Genoa; Georgia; Gozo; Bulgaria; Greece; Haldern, Germany; Heide; herpes; horsemen; horses; husbandmen; knights; lepers; leprosy; Lithuania; Lod; Malta; Modica, Sicily; Moscow; Order of the Garter; Palestine; Palestinian Christians; plague; Portugal; Ptuj, Slovenia; riders; saddle makers; sheep; shepherds; skin diseases; soldiers; syphilis; Teutonic Knights; Venice

I think I qualify under a couple of those categories, I hope you do as well so you can join me in raising a toast to him.


Typical! No St George's Day representation on Google.

Typical! No St George's Day representation on Google.

As already noted in comments, Google have (again) not recognised St. George's day, but if you search for St. George's Day, the results page gives you a little icebergy-sort of "Earth Day" logo. Earth day was the 22nd April, not the 23rd.

As far as I know they have marked Sts. Patrick and David.

Google is around the corner and down the street from me, they're full of bloody nitwit asshats who walk straight into the street talking on a cell phone.
Anyhow, the real question is, what did St. George like to drink? Cheers to St. George!

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