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A Salty Sea Tale

Scotsman.com News - UK - Navy set to keep 30-year-old ships in service over 」3.6bn carrier delays

THE Royal Navy could be forced to delay the retirement of Britain's ageing aircraft carriers because of delays in the programme to order replacement vessels, the Ministry of Defence has admitted.

The decision would mean the mainstay of Britain's naval power in the next decade will be two ships which are both more than 30 years old.

The prospect of prolonging the life of HMS Illustrious and HMS Ark Royal will only heighten concerns about the state of the Royal Navy....

But not for another Scotsman writer; Scotsman.com News - UK - Shipshape?

...the military message imparted at today's event is clear: a quarter-century on, Britain is better equipped than ever to defend itself at sea, following a 」14 billion investment package which, in the past ten years, has resulted in 28 new ships, including the HMS Albion, and one submarine.....

the Rear-Admiral exhibits the excitable nature of a head boy at school. The Royal Navy, he says, is in great shape as the result of the government's investment over the past decade.

"The new vessels have created an incredible flexibility," he says, "from which we now have global reach and greater influence. We can swing from humanitarian work to peacekeeping to actual war fighting; onboard we have all the skills necessary - engineers, electricians, plumbers, even dentists."

When I put it to him that we often read naval "sources" insisting that the service is badly underfunded, he neatly pooh-poohs any such notion: "We have enough ships to do what we are being asked because of our capability. But if the government wants us to do anything more, then that will have to change."

Serving Officer, on record, I think Mandy Rice Davies Applies - He would say that, wouldn't he.


Why do we need new ships again? Surely we'll just hand them over to the Iranians as soon as we get them.

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