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Bum Fodder News

I think we have all noticed Sheryl "do my fingers smell? Crow's green philosophy on "one sheet only" to wipe your bottom. A wonderful example of how easy it is for fanatics to fall over the edge into self -satire and become laughing stocks instead of revered gurus. But I just wondered what her opinion on that other poster child of concern is. As the Guardian reports:


..daily ration of 15 sheets of toilet paper. Imagine being in the position of having to make a choice between using your tiny allotment of toilet paper for the purpose for which it was intended or using it to sleep...

The inhumanity of it! - some of the prisoners don't know how to use their toilet paper and so they aren't being issued it anymore. (And somehow I don't imagine it is just because they were too well brought up to use the word "toilet".)


Charmin, bloody charmin.

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